700 S 5th Street
Philadelphia, PA
(267) 888-7002

Monday - Sunday 4 PM - 2 AM
Saturday Sunday Brunch 10 AM - 3 PM

Good food. Not so cheap. But, with poutine and buttermilk fried chicken on the menu, very much HollyEats food.

Ok, they fancy up the poutine more than they have to - adding a slab of grilled fois gras. The fries are cooked in duck fat, the gravy is nicely rich, the cheese is, somewhat untraditionally, mozzarella. Greasily good, but I would have been just as happy if the poutine had no fois gras and I was $5 richer.

Finished off my first meal with a bib lettuce salad, topped with Maytag blue cheese, sliced pear and cashews. Not sure, but this may be the first salad to earn a HollyEats mention.

Back a second time for the fried chicken. Started off logically with one of their crafted cocktails, the Logical Consequence - gin, green tea, dill, absinthe, fresh lime, honey and garnished with a sprig of dill. One great cocktail.

For an app, I tried the watermelon pickled in Kool-Aid. The red was finished with fruit punch; the yellow with orange Kool-Aid. OK, but what I really liked were the slivers of pickled watermelon rind served on top of one of the pieces.

The fried chicken was interesting, different from fried chicken I've had before. It is slow cooked with buttermilk in a vacuum sealed pouch for almost a day - sous vide. Then it is dusted and deep fat fried. Incredibly moist and tender. Muscle texture a bit odd. Nice thin, crisp crust. Color a little dark. It is served with collards flavored with ham hocks and hot sauce, and a good sized biscuit.

I'm heading back again. My excuse is to try the fried chicken to see if the texture I experienced the first time is representative of sous vide. But it is more that I want another Logical Consequence or two.

August 2010