2131 Route 38
Cherry Hill, NJ
(856) 910-1240

Sunday - Thursday:  8 am - 10 pm
Friday & Saturday:  8 am - 2 am

Generally I have an adversity to chain diners - the shiny, new pseudo-diners that pop up in shopping center parking lots and at interstate interchanges.  And Silver City is a chain.  But unlike the others who don't get it and come across as forced, Silver City has as much substance as style.

We got off to a good start.  Cheeseburger appetizers.  A basket of three small, greasy cheeseburgers with a side of caramelized onions.

The chicken fried steak was good, though they skimped on the gravy.  Veggies were crisp.  Homebaked biscuit on the side.  Turkey was good too.

That's their version of a banana split on the right.  Home style, in a bowl.  They also had a sugar free cheesecake.

All told good diner eating.