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Yucatan Peninsula
Q.Roo, Mexico




la Mujeres is a half hour ferry ride from Cancun and is ten times as far from Cancun in chaos and attitude .  Some of the best eating I've happened upon anywhere.  Not one bad meal and many great meals over two plus weeks. Been the same every time I've returned 

The closest things to a US chain is a small 7-11 near
where the ferry lands.  Other than that nada!  Nothing.
No Starbucks.  No McDonald's.  No Taco Bell.

What Isla Mujeres does have is fish as fresh as it gets, hauled in daily by the local fishing fleet.  Great  Mexican cooking too.  Yucatan style.  Not super hot unless you add your own picante, but full of flavor and always  fresh, to order. 

Two of my food quests have ended.  I finally found the perfect chile relleno and the perfect chicken mole - both at La Lomita a small little out of the way restaurant on Isla Mujeres.


Basic transportation is golf cart or scooter.  There are some cars, mostly taxis, and a few pick ups and larger trucks.  Plenty of bicyles and walkers too.  But no traffic.