619 South Street
Philadelphia, PA 

CLOSED - 2000

Frites are Belgian French Fries.  

There is no place in the US that makes them as good as most any Brussels frituur.  Part of it is the Belgian potato, part of it is the oil - Belgian frites are fried in a lard blend.  Also Belgian Frites are based on the metric - a perfect one centimeter square.  The American attempt are cut 1/4 inch square.  They just don't fry the same.

All that said, the folks at The Frite Shop are doing a great job.   The fries are twice fried - first at a low temperature to blanch them and then, just before serving, at a higher temperature that crisps them up quite nicely.  They are served in a traditional paper cone.   I always get mine the Belgian way with a big dollop of mayonnaise on top.  There are a bunch of other toppings to choose from, among them Aioli, Pesto, Wasabi, Curry and Blue Cheese.