US Route 6 and Ice Mine Road
Coudersport PA
(814) 247-3399

Monday thru Wednesday  6 AM - 3 PM
Thursday thru Saturday  6 AM - 9 PM
Sunday   8 AM - 3 PM

Was heading east on US Route 6, the Grand Highway of the Republic.  Saw this ol' dinner off the road a bit.  Turned out to be a Silk City diner dating back to the fifties.  Was originally located in Bethlehem PA, but end up in Coudersport.  They builter a large dining room in the back, but the front counter is where it's happening.

I was still hungry for breakfast.  Tried their corned beef hash with poached eggs.  Good hash, perfectly poached eggs. 

Taped onto the door on the way in, a sign advertising leek cheese.  I asked about it.  My waitress said to ask the other waitress - it was her sister.  I did.  The other waitress said to call her sister.  Maybe I will the next time I pass through.  

August 2010