Route 79
Fordyce, AR

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

The name of the restaurant is 4 Dice. It is located in Fordyce Arkansas. 4 Dice. Fordyce. Get it?
The 4 Dice serves a typical, deep south luncheon buffet. I finally got my fried chicken for this trip and topped it with a ladle of pan gravy. Like every southern buffet, the vegetables were great. I went for black-eyed peas, yams, cooked cabbage and a creamy tomato salad.

Also tried what I thought was a flat hushpuppy, but turned out to be a piece of fried jalapeno cornbread with onions. Some places call them "oysters." Still seemed like a hush puppy to me. In fact, I like the idea of adding fried onions to a hush puppy.

Addition: Just learned that 4 Dice had a fire a whiles back and had to rebuild. Seems the lady who makes the cornbread insisted on doing it in a skillet instead of a deep fat fryer. "Tastes better that way," she maintains. Alas, some of the oil from skillet hit the open frame and it was time to do some remodeling. The good news is that 4 Dice is up and running again, all spic and span new. Same good eatin' though.