My favorite Roadside Cafes, BBQ Pits, Diners, Holes-In-Walls, Greasy Spoons, and Down Home Cooking.

Forever a work in progress. There will always be another great joint just around the bend. 

What's New:  Back on Isla Mujers. A weekend in Rhode Island, Central Falls Provisions and  The Commons Lunch. In Philadelphia, Blue Belly BBQ, Brunic's, Shake Shack, Spot Burgers, the American Sardine Bar and Lucky Old Souls Food Truck.

The Hot Dog Page 
Updated June 2012
Eating Philadelphia
My home chomping ground
Updated August 2012
Eating the New England Coast 
Updated December 2012
Eating Jersey Dogs
Updated August 2009
Eating The South
Updated July 2010
Carolina Barbecue
Updated August 2004
To Charleston SC For Oysters
Updated March 2004
Eating The Midwest  
Updated August 2010
Eating Isla Mujeres,  Mexico
Some of the best eatin in the world
Updated February 2013
Hopscotching Europe  
Prague, Budapest, Brussels, France, London
Updated July 2005
Eating The West
Updated February 2008
New York, New York
August 2010
Eating My Way To Texas
An early roadtrip - 2003
Wheeling and Elsewhere in WV
Petit St. Vincent Resort
A Break In Content
Eating State Fairs and Festivals
Updated April 2009
Memories Of Meals Gone By Memories of Eateries Gone By
"Retired" Restaurants no longer open.
Me (Holly)
Why Holly Eats - a short bio
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"Holly Moore is a hungry Jack Kerouac"
Andy Meehan, Minor Gourmandry


HollyEats.Com is for everyone who:

  • Prefers chowing down to dining.

  • Proudly wears a grease splattered shirt as the badge of  honor it is.

  • Makes it a point to consume one's minimum daily requirement of nitrates.

  • Is at least a bit leery of sparkling clean restaurants, suspicious that their focus is on scouring, not cooking.

  • Is more impressed with a restaurant parking lot packed with pickup trucks and Chevy's than one boasting Jaguars and Cadillacs.

  • Passes by the familiar, bland comfort of the Red Lobsters, Olive Gardens and Golden Arches that have taken over suburbia, insisting on driving a few minutes or hours further - knowing that somewhere down the road is a barbecue pit, a truck stop, a diner, a drive-in, a greasy spoon that may become the highlight of the journey.


The Grease Stain Rating System   

Our Patron Saint - Calvin Trillin

Anyone who has seen my shirt after I've ravaged a cheesesteak hoagie understands the grease stain rating system.  

Grease stains don't necessarily mean greasy food,   though that certainly works in a place's favor.  Rather,  the greater the splatter fallout on my shirt, the more I  relished my meal.  

Restaurants are awarded  3 to 5 grease stains ranging from "great" to "outstanding."   Those meriting a mere one or two grease stains will just have to fry harder to earn their place on HollyEats. 

New Rule:  Restaurants are welcome to boast about their HollyEats rating.  But have the grits to include your Grease Stain count and not just quote "Outstanding."  

If it wasn't for Calvin Trillin's American Fried which I read back in the late '60's, I'd still believe that the only great restaurants were those flaunting silver service, designer clad servers, and Escoffier inspired haute cuisine.

Author of the Tummy Trilogy 
American Fried
; Alice, Let's Eat; and Third Helpings.