Grease Stains:   

11th and Wharton Streets
Philadelphia (South)
(215) 339-9613

Thursday Thru Tuesday
8 AM - 2 PM
Brunch Menu All Week

Reservations.  No credit cards.  Park in the liquor store parking lot across the street.  BYOB.  Don't even try to pet Carman's dog (Buddha) - the sweetest, happiest dog I know, until, uninvited, you invade her space.

Cornflake crusted challah french toast topped with Georgia peaches and a lemon zest flavored yoghurt sauce.  An omelet of summer squash, fresh herbs and a sharp Italian cheese.  Wild game chili, fried eggs and home fries.  It's impossible to guess where Carman's whimsical sense of flavor will take each weekly brunch menu.